Welcome to Portland

The drive from Seattle to Portland, a straight shot south on the I-5 for three hours, was fairly uneventful. I’d grown accustomed to long car rides from the many trips I took between my college in New Hampshire and home, so I felt at ease behind the wheel. (I’m also no James Corden, but my Carpool Karaoke is pretty spectacular.) And even though I wasn’t driving my trusty old blue car, Lola, I did find a good travel companion in my rental car, good ol’ Martha. The road before us was nearly empty. The sky, still mostly cloudy. The sun peeked through at times though and allowed me a glimpse of the mountains in the distance. Read More


25 Hours in Ithaca

For all of the traveling I’ve done so far, I have done very little of it in my own backyard. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the things that are right in front of you, but I have been trying to make myself more conscious of that. Ithaca, located in Central New York, is known for its colleges, gorges, and waterfalls. The bustling city has been piquing my interest for some time now, and it just so happens that my friend Lex currently lives there—which gave me the perfect excuse to hit the road! Read More

Documentary December: Before the Flood

As a writer, I have always been a huge fan of fiction. There is some truth behind all of those imagined stories though, and while it may be much easier to hide in that make believe, I don’t want to ignore the truth anymore. My ever-growing list of movies to watch has lately been filled with documentaries. I decided to devote some of my time this month to watch some of those documentaries, and to learn. Read More

36 Hours in San Francisco

I was born in Southern California and lived there for five and a half years before my family moved to New York. (I know, I know. You know this already.) I’ve been back to visit more times than I can count, but I have never explored the state north of Los Angeles (which is not north at all). Needless to say, I was a little excited to cross San Francisco off my travel list.

Our original travel itinerary called for nearly three full days in San Francisco to visit our friend from high school who had moved out west just a few weeks prior. But as anyone who has ever traveled before knows—original travel plans never last long. Read More

We Have A Choice

In 2015, I am sure that everyone reading this has heard of Jane Goodall at some time or another. You probably know that she studied chimpanzees and gave them names (instead of numbers) and that she sort of went about the whole science thing in a rather unconventional manor.

Read More

You Can Tell the Sun Not to Shine, But I Am Never Going to Stop Making Smoothies

I love fruit. I have always loved fruit. My first favorite ice cream flavor was even strawberry, though I would only eat it if it had the little pieces of real fruit.

I went out for ice cream with my family once when I was only four or five. We went to a small ice cream shop in Southern California, where we lived at the time. I was used to the Very Berry Strawberry flavor at Baskin-Robbins. That was the flavor I wanted. But the strawberry ice cream they had didn’t have any pieces of strawberries. Read More