The End of 2018

If I have learned anything in my twenty-something years on this planet, it is that humans are deeply flawed—often when we least expect it. While it can be hard to come to terms with, I have felt such relief in the times when I have allowed myself (and others) to make mistakes, to fumble, to fall.  Read More


Sunshine and San Francisco

San Francisco was warm when I arrived. Twelve-hundred miles, five days, and two cities later, I was exhausted. I bid Martha the Rental Car adieu, took an Uber, and trekked up two hills to get to my Airbnb. I was happy to “settle in” and have the chance to explore everything I had missed the first time around.   Read More

California Bound: 800 Miles on the 101

My road trip to San Francisco began on a Tuesday morning, after parting ways with Nicole at the airport. Martha the Rental Car was stocked with fresh Portland donuts, Trader Joe’s snacks, plenty of water, and good music. I found my way back to the coast and drove south on the US 101 through Oregon. Read More

Welcome to Portland

The drive from Seattle to Portland, a straight shot south on the I-5 for three hours, was fairly uneventful. I’d grown accustomed to long car rides from the many trips I took between my college in New Hampshire and home, so I felt at ease behind the wheel. (I’m also no James Corden, but my Carpool Karaoke is pretty spectacular.) And even though I wasn’t driving my trusty old blue car, Lola, I did find a good travel companion in my rental car, good ol’ Martha. The road before us was nearly empty. The sky, still mostly cloudy. The sun peeked through at times though and allowed me a glimpse of the mountains in the distance. Read More

A Quiet Weekend in Seattle

A little over a week ago, I returned home from my trip to the West Coast—the first big U.S. trip of my adult life. This trip actually ticked many “firsts” off my list: first road trip, first time renting a car, first visit to the Pacific Northwest (and subsequently first visits to Washington and Oregon), and first solo trip. As I’ve mentioned previously, it was both a dream and a bit of a nightmare, but I promised myself I would do my best to enjoy each moment of the new adventure.

I left New York early on a dark, rainy morning—my third 6am flight in just a week—with two carry on bags. Read More

Summer Dreamin’

Good news: I am still alive! Bad news: I am still not so great (re: pretty much the worst) at posting regularly, and summer always seem to make it worse. (How the heck is it the middle of July already?! Wasn’t it was just May or something? No? Whoops.) I’ve been going, going, going so much lately that the little down time I seem to have has been spent been binge-watching Friends or taking naps—which actually isn’t so different than the rest of the year. Read More

25 Hours in Ithaca

For all of the traveling I’ve done so far, I have done very little of it in my own backyard. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the things that are right in front of you, but I have been trying to make myself more conscious of that. Ithaca, located in Central New York, is known for its colleges, gorges, and waterfalls. The bustling city has been piquing my interest for some time now, and it just so happens that my friend Lex currently lives there—which gave me the perfect excuse to hit the road! Read More