Koh Tao: A Look at My Favorite Place in the World

A couple of years ago, in honor of Earth Day, I wrote a post about my all-time favorite place in the world: the Cliffs of Moher. I shared my experiences in visiting the magnificent cliffs, and my hope that it would help others understand the importance of taking care of our planet. Read More


Farewell, 2016.

This is the time of year most perfect for celebrating friends, family, and life itself. I looked back at my New Year’s posts from this time last year, a goodbye to one year and a welcome to the next, and I’m surprised by my optimism. Even though I crossed a few things off my bucket list (!!!) and traveled the world, this year was nothing like I expected it would be. (I mean, did this year somehow just kick everyone’s ass or what?) Now, it is time to say farewell and move on to something, hopefully, better. Read More

Adventures on Koh Tao

Our first day on Koh Tao began with another early morning at the busy pier in Chumphon, an agricultural town in Southern Thailand. We arrived there that morning after a long (and sleepless, for me) overnight bus from Bangkok and tiredly awaited the arrival of our high-speed catamaran. Just over two hours later, we stepped off the boat at Mae Haad Pier and were welcomed by the warm, salty air. Read More

First Days in Siem Reap & Bangkok

I have been back on good ol’ American soil for just about a week now—catching up on work and sleep, sorting through over a thousand pictures, and fretting over a case of missing luggage (which has since returned).

On our first layover, we waited quietly at a mostly empty gate. I hadn’t slept well on our flight from New York, but my legs were too stiff to sit still for long. I stood up. I sat down. I practiced some yoga. And then I noticed the sun. It was 4:30 in the morning at home, but the sun was setting in Beijing. It glowed orange, sent bright shadows through the floor-to-ceiling windows and over the many airport gates. For anyone who thinks time travel isn’t possible, I thought…

Our trip began with six straight days of travel: five flights, an eight-hour bus ride, and two hours on a catamaran. Read More

Part of the Adventure

Adventure is defined as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” While most of my travel experiences have not been hazardous, they have at least been exciting and sometimes unusual. There is always something new or memorable about an adventure, even if it’s the same one twelve different times.

After three long months of planning and waiting and dreaming, the day has finally come. Read More