All My Flowers Grew Back as Thorns

I know no one is shocked to hear me talk about Taylor Swift again (and if you are, you must be new here), but she released a new album yesterday, and I definitely lost my cool, and I need to talk about it. I have been a fan of Taylor Swift and her music for over a decade—since the day I heard “I’d Lie” in a Hannah Montana fan video (Yeah, I know.)—and I am completely in awe of how she manages to create something so new and so different, but still so true to who she is, every single time. Read More


25 Songs from the Mid 2000’s That You Need Back in Your Life: Part Two

I know I have kept everyone on the edge of their seat this week (Hi, Antonia!), but it is finally here: part two of the mid 2000’s throwback! Take another trip down memory lane while you get dolled up for a night out with friends (nope) or during your cozy night in (yes).

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This Night Was Sparkling

It seems that no matter what direction Taylor Swift takes her music, it is always a good one. When she released the first single from her fifth album last August, she began the big leap from country to pop music. Many people worried that it wouldn’t be a good move while others believed she had already made that transition. “Shake It Off” immediately became a hit though, and only a few short months later, so did the rest of Swift’s 1989 album. With over 1.287 million copies sold in the first week, 1989 had the largest sales week for an album in more than twelve years.

I stayed up late one October night so I could listen to the album as soon as it was released. Instantly, I loved the 80’s pop feel and all of the risks Taylor took with new sounds. It was lyrically and musically wonderful in a way that was so different from her previous albums, but still so her. Read More

8 Songs I Can’t Get Out of My Head This Month

Raise your hand if you sing in the shower.

Okay, I think that’s most of you. You can’t see me right now, but I did not raise my hand. I’ve never been big on singing in the shower. I will dance in the shower sooner than I will sing in the shower, and that says a lot because I do not like to dance. (Dancing on wet surfaces also happens to be much more dangerous, so please do not try this at home.) It happened once (the singing, that is) last month and was such a rare occurrence that I caught myself off guard, which I didn’t even know was possible.

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Dear Taylor Swift,

Between birthdays and album releases and general moments of beaming pride, I have written more than a dozen letters in your honor, expressing my gratitude for your music and your overall songwriting genius. I have spent the last few days listening to all of your music on a giant loop and figured it was time for another letter.

Let us recall the summer of 2008, when I was still madly in love with the Jonas Brothers and in the prime of all of my unbelievably dorky, delusional teenage glory. Read More