New Beginnings

Tuesday marked the third day of 2017. I wished a Happy New Year to one of the kids I look after, as it was the first time I had seen him since late December. He immediately told me that it was too late to say that anymore. We were already three days into the year. It wasn’t new anymore. Man, did that put me in my place! Read More


Maybe We’ll Find Peace

I fell asleep while watching the news late Tuesday night. I was nervous and worried and flat out exhausted. When I woke on Wednesday morning, I was afraid to touch my phone, to read the news. I texted a friend and expressed my worry. “You’ll cry. Don’t check,” she replied. Read More

A Collection of Moments

“Life is a collection of moments. The idea is to have as many good ones as you can.”

Sometimes those moments are big—getting onto a plane by yourself and spending four months in a country you had never stepped foot in before, or falling in love. Walking across a stage to receive a diploma after four years of immense hard work, or changing your lifestyle.

And sometimes they’re small. Read More

Star Stuff

We are in the midst of my absolute favorite season of the year (autumn), but soon it will seep into what is sure to be another brutal East Coast winter. I am excitedly awaiting the change though, as it signals my favorite nighttime sky–the one with Orion and Orion’s belt.

My liking for the constellation grew sometime during my college years, when I spent many cold winter evenings walking around campus–from my dorm to a friend’s dorm or the cafeteria, or the long hike to athletic center. Read More

Thank You for Being Alive

This week, the second week of September, is National Suicide Prevention Week in the United States. It corresponds with World Suicide Prevention Day, which is today, September 10. This week, and this day in particular, are annual campaigns that bring awareness to suicide prevention and support to people who have attempted suicide. They also reduce the stigmas surrounding mental illness and suicide.

Read More