Life Without the Letter ‘B’

Writing is difficult. It can come easy all the time, or only part of the time, or it doesn’t come easy at all. What is the one thing all successful writers have in common though? They sit down and write. They carve out a length of time, make no excuses, and they write. They do it, no matter what. It could result in twenty pages or two words, and it isn’t always great. It’s not even always decent. Getting the words onto the paper (or the computer) is more than half the struggle. Then there’s the struggle of what to write.

Somewhere along my way of trying to find inspiration recently, there was a prompt that challenged people to write with only twenty-five letters, instead of the usual twenty-six. Read More


Dear 13-Year-Old Me

My birthday is quickly approaching. Before I know it, it will have come and gone, and another year of my life will begin. Holidays and seasons, as I’ve mentioned, are markers for the passing of time in general, whereas birthdays are often a marker for personal growth and accomplishment. Birthdays are also a celebration of life. A celebration of surviving so many days, weeks, months, and years on this planet. In the past ten years, I have grown from a timid, quiet teenager to an adventurous and unapologetic twenty-something.

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Dear Taylor Swift,

Between birthdays and album releases and general moments of beaming pride, I have written more than a dozen letters in your honor, expressing my gratitude for your music and your overall songwriting genius. I have spent the last few days listening to all of your music on a giant loop and figured it was time for another letter.

Let us recall the summer of 2008, when I was still madly in love with the Jonas Brothers and in the prime of all of my unbelievably dorky, delusional teenage glory. Read More