A Collection of Moments

“Life is a collection of moments. The idea is to have as many good ones as you can.”

Sometimes those moments are big—getting onto a plane by yourself and spending four months in a country you had never stepped foot in before, or falling in love. Walking across a stage to receive a diploma after four years of immense hard work, or changing your lifestyle.

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Cleaning Up

There is something about cleaning–washing dishes, folding warm clothes straight from the dryer, or vacuuming a rug–that has a cleansing effect in more than one way. If you’re frustrated, angry, or just not at your best, put on your headphones and sweep, soak, and scrub until the negative feelings dissipate. And if that’s not enough, there’s something even more cathartic about getting rid of old stuff. Decluttering your spaces. Clearing out your life. Putting things back together without the mess.

Ask anyone who knows me–I’ve spent at least one third of my life, so far, cleaning my room. (And probably just as much time complaining about cleaning my room.)  Read More

The Things that Make You Happy

Lists are wonderful things. Lists for places to go and things to see. Packing lists, shopping lists, to-do lists, and more. Whether you add or cross things off your list, they are the best way to keep track of what you’ve done or what is left to do, what you want to remember. And life is complicated. It is messy. It can be scary, lonely, and strange. When things don’t go as planned or they take a turn for the worse, sometimes a little cheering up is necessary.

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Want a *Pizza* Advice?

We’ve all been there before. Those days when you just do not want to prepare or cook a meal. Even the thought of putting a sandwich together seems daunting. Or you cannot think of what to eat, and you get to that point where you’ve kept putting it off because you were hoping an idea would just come to you or the refrigerator would open itself and make your dinner, and you are so hungry that you start shaking and getting light headed and sweaty…

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