25 Hours in Ithaca

For all of the traveling I’ve done so far, I have done very little of it in my own backyard. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the things that are right in front of you, but I have been trying to make myself more conscious of that. Ithaca, located in Central New York, is known for its colleges, gorges, and waterfalls. The bustling city has been piquing my interest for some time now, and it just so happens that my friend Lex currently lives there—which gave me the perfect excuse to hit the road! Read More


Back to Ireland

Three and a half years ago, I began a trip to Ireland that changed my life in every conceivable way. I was there to study, travel, and grow. And I did. In the hope of keeping track of my adventures—for myself and everyone back home—I created my first blog, Life in LimerickMy four months in Ireland were everything I could have hoped for, and more. Some of the best things I came away with at the end of those four months were the friendships. There was also plenty of magic in Ireland—in the mountains, the oceans, the fields, the friendly faces. Read More

A Year in the Making

It’s been one year since I made my first post on from earth and stars. Twelve months of new adventures and new paths. Three hundred and sixty-six days (thanks, leap year!) of living, learning, and traveling the world. And it’s all right here.

In many ways, I am the same as I was last year. Read More

Exploring Seoul

We returned to Seoul on a Tuesday afternoon after another interesting 24 hours of travel. (An uncomfortable eight-hour bus ride because the guy in front of me reclined his seat all the way and left me with no leg room; a shared cab ride with a German traveler named Franka that we had met at the pier on our way out of Koh Tao; a dozen rounds of cards on the airport floor.) We celebrated our return the best way we knew how—with hot showers, green face masks, “New York” pizza, and an episode of Survivor.

The next day, while Gina was off at work, Alexa and I ventured into the city on our own. Read More

Adventures on Koh Tao

Our first day on Koh Tao began with another early morning at the busy pier in Chumphon, an agricultural town in Southern Thailand. We arrived there that morning after a long (and sleepless, for me) overnight bus from Bangkok and tiredly awaited the arrival of our high-speed catamaran. Just over two hours later, we stepped off the boat at Mae Haad Pier and were welcomed by the warm, salty air. Read More

Part of the Adventure

Adventure is defined as “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” While most of my travel experiences have not been hazardous, they have at least been exciting and sometimes unusual. There is always something new or memorable about an adventure, even if it’s the same one twelve different times.

After three long months of planning and waiting and dreaming, the day has finally come. Read More

The Start of Something New

Hello! Welcome to 2016! (Yes, this post is named after the High School Musical song.)

For some, we’ve only had a few hours to enjoy the new year—a fresh start, a blank page—and on the other side of the world, others are already well into their second day.

There’s a quote from the first season of The O.C. that says, “The way you spend New Year’s Eve is the way you’ll spend the rest of the year.” If that’s the case, I think I’m off to a good start—as my evening was full of laughter and good friends and joy. Read More