Through the Eyes of an INFP

People are interesting. They always have been. There are so many things to learn from one person, let alone a world full of them. Who they are and who they were, what passions drive them, why they do certain things, how they think, what they believe in. I could sit on a park bench or an airport seat for hours watching them walk or run past. Post up in a coffee shop and just watch. Conversations, mannerisms, temperaments, relationships. Each one of them, carrying a life and a story and a world along with them. Each one complicated and unique.

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A New Introduction

There is an important change I’ve made recently, one that I wanted to write about on my blog, especially as it signals a new direction in my life.

I’m good with words, I like to think. But much better when they are carefully thought of, mulled over, and written down. Scribbled on paper or typed with my fingers. Try to talk to me about big, serious, complicated things in real life, and I kind of clam up. Read More

To a New Year

I am nearly two weeks into a new year in my life, a new age.

As per my usual pre-birthday ritual, I panicked a bit. I always worry that between one day and the next, there will be some massive change. That things will get drastically worse simply because I’ve celebrated another year of my life. There was a period of time when I wasn’t wrong–things felt like they just kept going from bad to worse, and my birthday was always right in the middle of it. And then there was a period of time when I was wrong–things were okay. More than okay, often.

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Dear 13-Year-Old Me

My birthday is quickly approaching. Before I know it, it will have come and gone, and another year of my life will begin. Holidays and seasons, as I’ve mentioned, are markers for the passing of time in general, whereas birthdays are often a marker for personal growth and accomplishment. Birthdays are also a celebration of life. A celebration of surviving so many days, weeks, months, and years on this planet. In the past ten years, I have grown from a timid, quiet teenager to an adventurous and unapologetic twenty-something.

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A Life with Soccer

This evening marks the end of another miraculous month of ladies’ soccer. For the third major tournament in a row, the United States’ Women’s National Team will face off against Japan’s National Team. In the 2011 World Cup finals, Japan edged out the U.S. 5-4 in penalty kicks. The following year, the USWNT got a glimpse at redemption when they beat Japan by a score of 2-1 in the final during the 2012 Olympics.

Now it is 2015 and another World Cup tournament has come and almost gone. Game after game, more than five hundred women have run, kicked, sweated, dove, and fought to make their way to the finals. They left their blood, sweat, and tears on six different fields across Canada. Forty-six players remain. Twenty-three U.S. women and twenty-three Japanese women will face off yet again, but only one team will earn the title of World Cup champions.

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Welcome Home

There are many ways to build a life. For some people, that includes other people–friends, companions, family, significant others. For others, it includes accomplishments or careers or material things. Some people enjoy putting down roots and some don’t. Some people can get by with just a few key things and others want the world in their pockets. However you choose to build your life, as long as it brings you happiness, I think it is a good way to build a life.

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Well, hello!

Look, it’s another twenty-something with a blog!

I would like to say I am a twenty-something who has figured it all out (or at least some of it), but I am not. I graduated nearly a year ago with my BA in Creative Writing and English and I have been trying to figure “it” out ever since. Read More