The Adventurous Alternative

In the blink of an eye, one year ended and another began. That’s how it always seems to happen, isn’t it? The difference is only a matter of seconds, but it often feels like so much more. This year, the change was quieter than most, surrounded only by a few close friends and good food. That was okay. Quieter is better sometimes.

I’ve kept mostly to myself for the first two weeks of the new year. Refocusing on yoga. Cleaning and letting go. Burning candles. Discovering new things. Reading everything I can get my hands on. Running from snowballs. Planning new adventures. Trying to make me my biggest priority. It still seems quiet though, and I wonder if that’s something I can expect from the year ahead: a series of quiet, but good, changes in each new day.

The new year has found us in the midst of another renovation, which has already resulted in me taking down and putting away the entire Christmas tree in thirty minutes and giving up the new fireplace that I worked so hard (and injured myself so much) to build. And the renovations have barely begun! When the news of that came, I let it stress me out far too much. Honestly, I let everything stress me out far too much. I would like to stop doing that this year because it’s done no good for me in the past. (If you have any advice for managing stress, let me know!) It will be far from easy, I know, but I am tired of spending so much time and energy worrying about things that are so far out of my hands. As I said at the end of 2017, I am giving up waiting around for other people to be ready too. I can only wait so long. In only a few short weeks, I’ll be making my way to the West Coast for my first road trip, all by myself. It is both an absolute dream and a terrifying nightmare, and I look forward to every second of the new adventure.

“Don’t sit and wait. Get out there, feel life. Touch the sun, and immerse in the sea.”

There is so much of the world I cannot control. I, alone, cannot solve climate change, or teach people what consent looks and sounds like, or convince everyone to stop supporting companies who test on animals. I can show compassion and respect. I can speak up in times of injustice. I can stand for what I believe. But the impact of my actions won’t be as strong if I am standing alone. There is so much of the world we cannot control, but if we stand together, we can start to make changes. Take a look at your life: your thoughts, your actions, your dreams. Who do they benefit and who suffers from them? Can you make changes that help more than they harm? If you can challenge yourself to be better—not just for yourself, but also for your loved ones, your community, your planet, and the generations of people to come—then, together, we can make this year better than the last.

I want to be kind and courageous and curious.

I want to be by the ocean more.

I want to create and see change.

I want to find and be the good.

I want to write.

A couple weeks ago, the Universe reminded me that I should wipe the slate clean, focus on what I really want, and chart my course for the foreseeable future. It’s true. And I will try. I don’t think it’s enough though. I want to opt for the adventurous alternative. To give thanks that my life is exactly as it is. To decide that this year, 2018, will be the happiest year of my life yet. To follow my heart and instincts down new paths, every day. That’s what’s in store for this new year.

What do you resolve for the new year?


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