Summer Dreamin’

Good news: I am still alive! Bad news: I am still not so great (re: pretty much the worst) at posting regularly, and summer always seem to make it worse. (How the heck is it the middle of July already?! Wasn’t it was just May or something? No? Whoops.) I’ve been going, going, going so much lately that the little down time I seem to have has been spent been binge-watching Friends or taking naps—which actually isn’t so different than the rest of the year. Last night, I read my friend Nicole’s “Long Overdue Update” and realized that I too had forgotten about blogging for a little bit because of my busy schedule. (Double whoops.) So here’s a look at my life for the past month:

There were new books and beautiful summer skies. Driving with the windows down and late night chats and more yoga. There was a solo road trip to New Hampshire (and subsequent solo dance parties in too much traffic) and another college roommate reunion, ice cream and mini golfing, mosquito bites and go karts, cuddling kitties and adventures with the puppy.

There was a broken air conditioner, lots of humidity, playtime with bunnies, a two week cold, and rescuing baby animals from disaster. Laughter and camp and roasting s’mores and getting too emotional about puppies. New friends and thunderstorms and surprises and swinging in hammocks. There was sunshine, swimming, puppy cuddles, and iced coffee. There were nine o’clock sunsets and gloomy goodbyes.

While the weeks always seem to fly by in the summer heat, I try to remind myself that the season isn’t even halfway through. There’s so much more ahead. The long days and longer nights won’t last forever, so I’ve been squeezing all that I can into this time and crossing my fingers that somehow summer will stay forever. Here’s to even more summer dreamin’!


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