Timing is Everything

Most things in my life still feel quite temporary. It is a feeling that is both comforting and terrifying. I could pick up and move, or try something new, whenever I’d like. But it is also hard not to have well-established roots, nothing to settle in to. In the past month alone, I have finished up two separate jobs and (re)started another. Summer officially began three weeks ago and has already been flying by in a succession of blinks. What used to be  my “quiet” season–one previously reserved for breaks from school, lots of sleeping, and evenings spent outside–has somehow turned incredibly busy.

That’s the thing about seasons though: they’re always changing. Seasons are best known as divisions of the year, marked by changes in weather, ecology, and daylight hours, but I have come to know seasons as far more than that. There are seasons of hope and fear and change. Of adventure and love and loss. There are seasons of endings and ones of new beginnings. These seasons are long and short. They pass quickly or drag on for what seems like far too long. Regardless of the season, the timing is always crucial. I am a big believer that even just a couple of seconds affects outcomes, so every moment makes a difference. Every season begins and ends at the right time, even if it may not feel that way.

I have begun my own new season. And as I said, it’s more hectic than usual. But in a good way, I think. My time lately has been occupied by work, by taking care of my new bunnies and my always-needy pup, spending time with family and friends, and trying to keep everything else in my life in order. I have always struggled to manage my time well, so there are certain things I haven’t kept up with as well and others to which I have devoted too much time. Thankfully this time is also filled with belly-aching laughter, fresh garden vegetables, bunny kisses, live music, small adventures, splashing in the water, and even more new changes.

This time is busy and quick, but it is everything.


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