Welcome Home

There are many ways to build a life. For some people, that includes other people–friends, companions, family, significant others. For others, it includes accomplishments or careers or material things. Some people enjoy putting down roots and some don’t. Some people can get by with just a few key things and others want the world in their pockets. However you choose to build your life, as long as it brings you happiness, I think it is a good way to build a life.

The life I have built for myself is filled with people, books, travels, music, and much more. As I continue to grow, I know I will add more to my life as well. Right now, my life is very full, and I am more than thankful for all that I have. Sometimes I cannot help but think if it’s enough though, and not necessarily just for my benefit. I have plenty of love and joy and compassion to fill my life and the lives of those I hold dear, but I believe there is still room to share all of that. If I can add more good to the world, I might as well.

Nearly two months ago, I began working part time at a pet store to help out long-time family friends. As I grew up, we had all sorts of pets around the house. I was three years old when we got our first chocolate Lab, Chip. We eventually added dwarf hamsters, tree frogs, spiny-tailed lizards, guinea pigs, and a Russian tortoise to our family. Little by little, our house filled up with animals and noise and even more love. And then, little by little, our house became quiet and empty again, save for our second chocolate Lab, Fudge. Since I began working at the store, my life has been filled with all sorts of animals again. Loud and quiet, scaly and feathery, small and even smaller.

From the moment I stepped into the store on my first day, I fell in love. Yesterday, I brought home the two newest additions to my own little clan, these sweet little hoppy pals:


Gatsby is incredibly adventurous. He is curious and easy-going, but also a bit mysterious and hard-headed. He quickly figured out how use his litter box, though he is still learning. He enjoys standing on his hind legs or lying down to stretch out his long little body. After I had set both rabbits up in their temporary cage, they began to explore. Fudge (my ninety-pound pup baby brother) was obviously curious to meet the new guys, so he hardly hesitated to introduce himself. Gatsby met him with impressive bravery and even went nose-to-nose with Fudge through the bars of the cage.

Gatsby, already trying to make a break for it

Gatsby, already trying to make a break for it

Hubble, contemplating whether to dump the bowl now or later

Hubble, contemplating whether to dump the bowl now or later

On the other hand, little black and white Hubble is a bit more reserved, but still interested. His curiosity is quiet, though he is not afraid to be “big” when he needs to. He loves to dig in the food bowl and dump pellets on the floor. When I sit in front of him on the floor, he nudges my legs and lets me know when I’m in his way. He meets my gentle touch often with soft bunny kisses, but occasionally with apprehensive nibbles as well.

They have been home for a little over twenty-four hours and have been very, very happy so far. They tried cilantro for the first time, did lots of digging and hopping and sniffing around, and began to settle into their new environment. I am glad I will be able to share my love with these creatures from here on out. Both humans and animals have enjoyed adjusting to the newest additions so far and I think we’ll all be very happy.



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