Well, hello!

Look, it’s another twenty-something with a blog!

I would like to say I am a twenty-something who has figured it all out (or at least some of it), but I am not. I graduated nearly a year ago with my BA in Creative Writing and English and I have been trying to figure “it” out ever since. I guess I have always been figuring it out, but now I am at a point in life that feels very fight-or-flight. When I studied abroad, I wrote a blog to keep track of my travels and to keep friends and family up to date. It is something that, after nearly two years, I still look back on fondly.

There is a Serbian proverb, or a quote from Nikolai Velimirovic or Carl Sagan, or variations in Latin, that says:

Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars.

It is not clear who first said it, but it has been said in many ways, by many people, at many different points in time. And it’s true, as I like to think. I have always felt some connection to the stars. Luminous balls of gas burning in a galaxy far, far away and holding themselves together by their own gravity. They burn for light years and yet they appear as twinkling little dots in the night sky. One of the few things I remember from the astronomy class I took in high school is that when we look at the stars, we are seeing the light from trillions of miles away. No matter where I am in the world, I still feel at home when I see a familiar constellation shining above.

I like to think I am a humble being, sometimes even noble. I know that I am but a tiny speck in the universe and the universes beyond. My story matters though. I matter. I am the sun. (Shoutout to my homegirl, Cristina Yang.) Without my existence or the existence of any being on this planet, the world would not be what it is today. And this is my documentation.

Now it is time for a new blog. To explore where I am at in the world now and where I will be days, months, years from now. I will write about my life (the exciting parts at least) and what that entails for a twenty-something: writing, travels and adventures, recipes, things I like, things I don’t like, and how I fare in trying to figure “it” all out. I will be humble and noble. I will be honest. I will share what I can in the hopes that maybe it will help someone, somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Well, hello!

  1. Aunt Nancy says:

    I love that proverb. Nobility balanced with humility. Something we could all strive for. I didn’t get the Cristina Yang reference though. p.s. thanks for sharing your writing. I DO love hearing your voice. Love, Aunt Nancy

    Liked by 1 person

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